Quality Specification, Testing and Certification of Bespoken, Open Source and Commercial Off-The-Shelf Systems


The seminar will cover the principles and the normative quality characteristics as well as the standardized procedures of information quality assurance resp. software system quality assurance (comprising inspection, black- and glass-box test, formal verification, measurement and assessment) for procedural, object-oriented, aspect-oriented and agent-based dependable software systems.
Attendees will exercise proven techniques for goal-directed quality specification, testing, measurement, scaling and assessment for software certification. Assessment of both the software product as well as the software process will be discussed with respect to its relevance for such acceptance assessments.
A standardized process model for measurement, assessment and certification of dependable software will be used to make the attendees familiar with this comprehensive assessment procedure and to learn how to embed it into today's standardized or non-standardized software processes.
Basic knowledge in mathematics and some knowledge of software methods and tools are required. Emphasis will be given to selected advanced topics depending on the needs of participants.

Target audience: Developers, Integrators, Testers, Quality managers, technology interested End-user or technology oriented CIOs.

Keywords: Software quality, testing, measurement, software certification.


  1. General Overview and Introduction
    1. Refresh of State of the Art and Practise in Industry.
    2. The "Big Q" question.
    3. Information Quality, Software Quality and Data Quality.
    4. Rules, Regulations, Norms, Standards and Terminology.
  2. Software Process and Software Product
    1. Definition and Representation of Development Processes.
    2. Definition and Representation of Software Products, Information Systems as Products.
  3. Quality and Productivity Modelling
    1. Test, Verification and Validation with respect to Evaluation and Certification.
    2. Characteristics, Metrics and Assessment.
  4. Process Evaluation and Certification
    1. Capability Assessment Procedures.
    2. Process Assessment Norms and Standards.
      • CMM, CMMI, ISO9000, ISO12207, ISO15288, ISO15704
      • TickIT, Trillium, ami, SPICE
  5. Product Evaluation and Certification
    1. Motivation and Justification of Evaluation and Certification.
    2. The Enhanced Evaluation Procedure.
      • Evaluation of OSS, COTS and Bespoken Systems with respect to ISO9126, ISO 14598 or ISO 12119
      • Evaluation of OSS, COTS and Bespoken Systems within the comprehensive, tailorable Approach
  6. Summary and Conclusions
    1. What did we hear and why?
    2. What do we expect from the Big Q discussion?
    3. Concluding Reflections.

Short Biography

Hans-Ludwig Hausen holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt and in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin. He is currently a Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer and lecturer in the following areas: Dedicated and general Information Systems (IS), Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE), Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), Software and Systems Quality Engineering (SQE), Business Process Engineering (BPE), as well as in Conformance Testing and Certification (CTC) for national and international projects in a number of application domains (office and embedded systems, archive and library systems, healthcare systems). Based on that experience he has written more than 120 reviewed publications on information storage and retrieval systems, software engineering environments, software quality and productivity, process engineering and on teamware resp. groupware. Our focus within FP7 will be: Software Systems, Quality Engineering and Risk Assessments in Cooperative Systems, Embedded Systems Design, Intelligent Content and Semantics, Personal Health Systems, Risk Assessment and Patient Safety, Computer and Data Treatment as well as Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering


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